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For anyone fighting to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction, our alcohol and drug detox facility wants to accompany you through this difficult journey. We know how tough it can get for someone depending on alcohol or drugs for their problems. Substance abuse has become a common disease in our society these days. As problems arise, depression steps in our life and most of us prefer the easy and most convenient option to get rid of our depression. We feel that the buzz of an alcohol or drugs can relieve the pressure of our depression.

The first most difficult part of the process is to make that individual realize if he/she is in need of rehab. If you ask your friends who consume alcohol every day or use cocaine or heroin every weekend if they need rehab and help, more than half of them will say no. Even though they realize they need a support in order to stop drinking or using drugs, they wouldn’t prefer to attend a rehab facility because of the shame they or their family will face in their society.

Below are some questions to ask yourself. Do I Have a Problem? That question is the first step towards recovering your health and life. Calling Alcoholism Rehab Helpline in White Oak, PA at (412) 532-1782 is the second. Admitting you may need help is difficult and we understand that. That’s why our goal and focus is to help guide you throughout the journey to regain the life you lost.

1. Do you take drugs or consume alcohol on a daily basis?

2. Has your drug or alcohol use ever caused you to miss work? This would include times that you have been busy trying to pick up some drugs, “forgot” that you were supposed to work, or simply lost track of time.

3. Do you find that most of the people you spend your time with are also in the drug and alcohol scene, and are using or drinking on a regular basis?

4. Have you ever taken prescription drugs with the intent of getting high?

5. Have you previously decided to stop drinking or taking drugs, only to find that you simply could not stop?

6. Have you ever blacked out when drinking or taking drugs?

7. Do you feel compelled to apologize for your behavior after the fact when you have been using drugs or drinking?

8. Do you get high or drunk by yourself?

9. Has your family or friends expressed concerns that you may be drinking too much or doing too many drugs?

10. Have you stopped doing things you love because you are too high or drunk?

11. Do you wake up immediately looking for drugs or alcohol because you already need them?

Don’t be afraid if the answers to all of these questions are a yes. The best way to get rid of this dangerous disease is to be honest with yourself and prepare yourself to seek help from the professionals. You may be in danger if you answered yes to any of these and still do not seek help. Call us at (412) 532-1782 and find out your options.

Families and friends get highly affected by their loved ones’ addiction. At our facility, we strive to bring hope for you and your family. Our facility consists of a professional staff that provides a supportive and medically supervised environment. With a friendly professional care you are able to achieve a healthy and a sober lifestyle.

You are aware that you terribly need to attend a rehab center when your alcohol and drug addiction has caused severe damages to your relationships and your finances. When this occurs no options are more effective than our alcohol and drug detox program. Our programs, caring staff and methods can help you accomplish the life you deserve.

Our Services include:

• Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder treatment program

• Full medically supervised detoxification program

• Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation

• Partial hospitalization plan

• Transitional living support and intensive outpatient treatment program

• Support groups and educational components

Our experienced nurses and specialized staff are always by your side no matter how terrible the situation is. We understand the emotional and physical effects one has to go through in our detox program. Therefore, our staff at our facility will always provide you with their professional and caring help throughout the recovery journey.

Call us today at (412) 532-1782 in White Oak, PA

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